Cheat Codes for Dungeon Explorer – TurboGrafX 16

Invincibility / Walk through walls – DEBDE – DEBDA (Hold run and press I, password error occurs, press II and then choose your character or enter another password)

Level select – Enter Invincibility code and use the following chart with the bushes in front of the castle to select your level. Bush 1 starts with the second bush from the end on the left.
1 Natas
2 Balamous Tower
3 Rotterroad (path to Judas)
4 Mistose Dungeon
5 Ratonix Dungeon
6 Reraport Maze
7 Rally Maze
8 Bullbeast
9 Melba Village
10 After Gutworm
11 Nostalgia Dungeon
12 Water Castle
13 Road to Cherry Tower
14 Stonefield
15 Karma Castle

Level 14 Warrior Code / Alternate Ending: AENIP BLKEE (Enter invincibility code before this password, take over the throne in the kings room to get the alternate ending)

Enter your name for the player: CHECK – NAMEA

Weapon control code: HOMIN – GAAAA (Works the same as the invincibility code, hold run and press I and you’ll get the password error)

Play as the Hermit: IMGAJ – MDPAI

Play as the Princess: JBBNJ – HDCPG OR JOINJ HFOHK (I need to look into this further)

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